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CISCO anti-counterfeit labels changes



CISCO anti-counterfeit labels changes:

1. The new anti-counterfeit label is a combination of two materials, plastic and paper. The plastic part is transparent and the paper part is thicker stock than the plastic part.

2. The new anti-counterfeit label partially overlaps the white manufacturers label on the box.

3. Each new anti-counterfeit label has unique green lines.

4. The intersection of the plastic and paper has a regular protrusion.

5. The orange section is raised, you can feel the edges when you touch it. The characters “BP” are visible within the orange section and when the new anti-counterfeit label is tilted you can see “CISCO” in the backlight.

6. The seal number under the barcode on the new anti-counterfeit label is the same as the seal number on the white manufacturers label.

7. The slight impressions on the label look like random scratches on a chalkboard. The pattern is always the same for the new anti-counterfeit labels on different products.


8. The top left and top right corners of the new anti-counterfeit label are serrated.

9. CISCO brand logo. 


Knowledge of fakes

· NOB >> NIB
1) Repacked from NOB with new cisco sealing tape (all accessories match machine, original label).
2) Repacked from other new cisco box  (all accessories match machine, original label).
3) Repacked from other new cisco box (all accessories don’t match with machine, fake label).
4) Repacked from “fake cisco box”  and fake label.

· RF/Used >> NIB
1) Repacked RF from other new cisco box  or “fake cisco box” (all accessories don’t match machine and fake label).
2) Renew from used with other new cisco box (all accessories don’t match machine and fake label).

The worst is the “NIB” without any original cisco parts!

· Part number A blob.pngPart number B
·  Upgrade IOS  and Change Serial Number       
1) the original part number like WS-C3650-24TS-L, can be sold as WS-C3650-24TS-E by upgraded IOS and changed serial number;
2) To meet smartnet-free or EU requirements and change original serial number

·  Decipher License and Changed Serial Number
the new part number like WS-C3850-24T-L, can be sold as WS-C3850-24T-S/E by decipher license and changed serial number;

·  Deep Processing
 like WS-C2960-24/48TS-LL can be reprocessed to WS-C2960-24TS-L/24PS/24TD/48TS/48FPS/48LPS/48TD by upgrade chassis (change panel and add chips to extend ports), the same on 3850 series.

· Complete Fakes: manufactured by third-party factory
· like HWIC-2FE/
 C3850-NM-2-10G/4-10G, ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B, 2960X and 3850 series, can be produced in third-party factory.

·Fakes Market Situation


· now the market situation is: Bad money drives out good !
·maybe you will buy fakes everywhere if don’t keep eyes on it, but the price is not too low to make you to take notice, for example, the normal channel price is 65% off, then he will sell it at 68% or 70% or little cheaper, but not so much gap with original price.

· Fake part number list samples


· Methods to distinguish

· 1)  From label character font


Old version



New version after the end of FY2012



·2)  From label UPC number and bar code


Each part number match only one UPC number, can check it by upc bar code 

·3)  From label ‘TM’ mark and design shape


(1)‘TM’ mark is not clear, and it’s size is not so large Original;

(2)  ‘CISCO’ and ‘design’ line is not smoothed, looks gear shape;

·4)  Seal number must match Hologram number


In the main label, the seal# information must match the hologram number

·5)  From FC date and ship date and box date


Generally speaking, normal switch box date and FC date is not beyond 1-2 months, ship date and FC date is within 2 weeks.


And ship date on shipping label must match the website information.
Also you can check where is the device from, normally you buy it with better price from Chinese market, but check it from EU, maybe it was changed SN and labels.(Show from above Product Bill-To Address,the address should from China if you bought from China)

·6)  From parts information


All parts’ information in device must match with website information.

For example, you can check C3KX power information from label, but you need pull it out from chassis.


·7)  cisco authorized invoice


We can provide cisco original invoice to show the device is from authorized channel, you also can check the information you need from invoice, include to provide it to Customs to release shipments.

·8)  Need cisco help to check

a)Each device has unique MAC address, and it matches with serial number;

You can get MAC address information when you power on device, or use “show …”  commands.

b)  From FY2013, you can check what part number it is from seal number;


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